Reasons why having a home 
on the Costa del Sol is a great choice

Living on the Costa del Sol offers numerous and unbeatable advantages. Its climate, the setting, its magnificent beaches, access to infrastructures and communications, its wide variety of leisure and entertainment activities, healthcare coverage, safety, and so on, make the Costa del Sol a world-renowned point of reference in quality of life. A place where most of our visitors would like to live all year round.

Ideal temperature all year round

The good weather of the Costa del Sol makes it possible to enjoy open-air activity all year round. With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, its Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters is perfect for living permanently in this privileged area of Andalusia.

The winds come in from the Mediterranean Sea and their most immediate effect is to make summer temperatures very pleasant.

The hours of daylight, sunshine, scarce and moderate rainfall … without a doubt its excellent climate is one of the principal reasons why choosing a home on the Costa del Sol is a great decision.

A multitude of spectacular beaches

One of the greatest attractions of the Costa del Sol is its beaches. You’ll be able to enjoy a variety of ambiences you won’t find anywhere else. From beaches stretching for kilometres with intense activity and liveliness to others that are unspoiled and peaceful.

Coves surrounded by natural spaces, or beaches with all kinds of catering, security and lifeguard services, car parks, etc., that have won the European Blue Flag distinction for the most carefully maintained beaches of the Andalusian coast.

Many of the beaches of the Costa del Sol are urban, giving them immediate access. Similarly, many residential developments have direct access to the beach. A true luxury and a pleasure for the senses.

Extensive and frequent air connections

The principal airport of the Costa del Sol is Malaga’s international airport, which welcomes thousands upon thousands of travellers from all over the world. All the most prestigious airlines operate continuous connections here, and it is strategically located in the heart of the Costa del Sol.

In addition, the airport of Gibraltar is very convenient and accessible for British clients, because in barely 10 minutes they can be enjoying the Alcaidesa area and in a little more time rest of the destinations of the Costa del Sol.

Other nearby airports are Granada (1 hr 30 m from Malaga) and Jerez de la Frontera (1 hr 20 m from Alcaidesa).

Affordable prices and a high degree of satisfaction

Homes on the Costa del Sol have experienced a certain moderation of prices. Even so, the quality of construction and materials and their designs and finishes are highly appreciated by clients who decide to buy their new home on the Costa del Sol.

An extensive and varied range offers you the possibility of choosing your ideal home: apartments, flats, terraced houses or independent villas, with a wide range of prices and qualities.

In addition, Spain, and in particular the Costa del Sol, has the advantage of offering homes that are already built and perfectly equipped for immediate use, which reduces waiting times for enjoying a home in this privileged setting to zero.

Excellent price-quality ratio of the cost of living

One of the indicators of the quality of a region or a country is its cost of living index. Spain in general, and the Costa del Sol in particular, is a place where you don’t need a big fortune to enjoy a comfortable life.

Taxes, shopping, transport, domestic service … Spain occupies the second position in low prices of all the countries of Western Europe.

Citizens of other European countries who want to have a home on the Costa del Sol have the advantage of greater purchasing power, which attracts medium and high incomes to the region.

Busy social life

The busy social life offered by the Costa del Sol is a faithful reflection of the Andalusian lifestyle. The welcoming character of its people and the various activities it offers are infinite. Golf clubs, restaurants, communities of residents from other countries who relate with their surroundings, and foreign businesspeople who start up a new venture and exchange experiences and successes with others of their own or other nationalities.

The Costa del Sol is a meeting point and a reference in social life. The exchange of customs means that anyone coming to live here feels entirely at home.

Catering and shopping

Lovers of gastronomy will find a paradise for the senses in the Costa del Sol. Traditional cuisine blends with avant-garde in a region where delicious food is served everywhere.

Bars and restaurants of unequalled quality. Our fresh products from the land, and especially from the sea, are deservedly famous. And there’s always a moment for enjoying them. Andalusia’s lifestyle is seen in its streets and squares, its tapas, its fine wines, its beach bars, its markets … at every moment you can breathe in the ambience of a well-balanced, healthy gastronomy.

The region’s many commercial centres are also first-rate. The most famous brand names have one of their greatest attractions in the Costa del Sol, and places like Puerto Banús and Marbella are international points of reference in the offer of exclusive products and brands.

Unique leisure and entertainment opportunities

With over 60 golf courses, the Costa del Sol has become known as the “Costa del Golf.” Lovers of this sport will find a true paradise here. Wherever you are, you’ll be very close to a course you can truly enjoy.

The area is also very well known for its many marinas. Lovers of water sports have many emblematic spots on the Costa del Sol for their use and enjoyment.

Water parks, zoos, adventure and amusement parks, aquariums … a vast range of leisure activities for all ages is guaranteed.

Safety and Healthcare Coverage

Spain is one of the world’s safest countries (the 6th of the OECD area) and it also has one of the most efficient Public Health systems, with hospitals and health centres run by highly qualified professionals.

Spain is also the second country of the OECD with the highest life expectancy, behind only Japan.

A region with captivating surroundings

The Costa del Sol has a truly enviable setting. Within short distances are the picturesque towns of Mijas, Ronda and Antequera, the city of Malaga with its fine museums (Picasso, Thyssen, Pompidou) and cathedral, Granada and its Alhambra 1 hr 30 m away by car, Seville 2 hours’ drive, Madrid in 2 hr 30 m by high-speed train … unique opportunities to discover a setting teeming with culture and history, with a tourist infrastructure that has made Spain one of the most visited countries in the world, and especially Andalusia and the Costa del Sol.