Reasons why buying a home 
in Lifestyle Homes is a great decision

At Lifestyle Homes we offer, more than homes, lifestyles. We offer you unbeatable advantages, from an efficient after-sales service to management and advice on mortgages. Our highly-qualified commercial team will be delighted to attend to you and assist you in everything you may need to make the experience of buying your new home comfortable and positive.

Unique and exclusive locations

At the moment of buying your new home, choosing the location is the most important decision, because this is what determines the setting you are going to live in or spend your holidays or longer periods.

Lifestyle Homes offers you property developments in exclusive places, close to a beach or with direct access to it and close to golf courses: developments with swimming pools, in consolidated settings and with quality levels far superior to the average.

Details of quality

Each and every one of Lifestyle Homes’ developments are notable for their levels of quality. The choice of materials, the decoration of exteriors, the extensive and carefully-maintained gardened zones, secure enclosures with restricted access …

Your home enjoys a unique style that characterises and distinguishes us. Our goal is none other than to ensure that our residents enjoy a quality of life that only Lifestyle Homes can offer.

Diversity of locations, prices and sizes

At Lifestyle Homes we offer all the possibilities for the purchase of your new home to meet your needs.

Apartments, terraced houses, duplexes, top-floor apartments, ground-floor apartments with garden, two or three bedrooms, terraces, solariums … whatever your ideal of a home is, at Lifestyle Homes we have it, in addition to very competitive prices and, as always, with quality levels that meet all your requirements.

Extensive network of sales offices

Our commitment is to be close to you at all times. We look forward to welcoming you in our extensive network of information and sales offices located in each one of our developments, with generous customer attention timetables.

We have highly qualified staff who will be pleased to show you every corner of your new home. You can arrange an appointment or come and visit us directly. We are in permanent contact with our clients.

Tax and mortgage advice

Lifestyle Homes offers extensive coverage in tax and mortgage advice to all our clients, especially foreign clients.

Our assistance will solve all your doubts and queries about buying a new home in Spain. In addition, we have arrangements with the principal banking institutions to offer you a mortgage in very favourable conditions.

Optional home decoration

We offer you the possibility of acquiring your new home fully furnished. If you already know the style of our show homes, you’ll know that our network of collaborators in decoration have sophisticated tastes in the design of interiors and exteriors.

The furniture, fabrics, colours, ambience and lighting … all of these aspects have been studied in detail. If you fall in love with the Lifestyle Homes style, you only have to ask us for it and we’ll take care of everything.

Letting your new home

If you’re thinking of looking for a second home for spending your holidays, we can put you in contact with our network of collaborators on the Costa del Sol and help you to obtain a return on your investment the rest of the year by letting your home.

If what you prefer is direct investment, letting a home on the Costa del Sol is a great decision. Our extensive network of acknowledged management experts have all the necessary information for guaranteeing the quality and solvency of interested clients.

We speak your language

We believe that communication is the most important: for this reason, our agents are delighted to attend to you in your language. They are all bilingual in Spanish and English, and we also attend to you in French and German.

In order for you to feel at home, and for all the information we offer you to be clear and detailed, it is essential that we speak your language. At Lifestyle Homes we know that these details add that degree of confidence that we are accustomed to offering our clients.

Direct link with owners’ associations

In order to maintain the common areas of all our developments in favourable conditions, Lifestyle Homes is in permanent contact with owners’ associations to assist, advise and solve any doubts and queries and to favour their smooth running.

Maintenance service

We offer you a complete maintenance service of your home for everything you may need: cleaning, domestic service, gardening, household repairs and so on.

All managed by companies of recognised experience who have been providing services throughout the Costa del Sol for many years.

Our commercial team will be delighted to attend to you and solve any queries and needs you may have.