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The PLAYA, SOL & SEAVIEWS group, with offices in Avenida Mediterráneo 24 2C, 46910 Sedaví (Valencia), and formed by the following companies:

  • inversiones Mar Azul Playa Estepona, S.L. B-87.158.515
  • Inversiones Sotoserena Playa Estepona, S.L. B-87.158.838
  • Inversiones Flamingos Playa Benahavis, S.L. B-87.158.820
  • Inversiones Monte Halcones Sol, S.L. B-87.292.769
  • Inversiones Casares del Mar, S.L. B-87.292.785
  • Inversiones Alcaidesa Sol, S.L. B-87.292.777
  • Inversiones Alcaidesa Seaviews, S.L. B-87.402.293

jointly hereinafter LIFESTYLE HOMES, is the organiser of the 50 Electric Car and Bike promotion which shall be governed by the clauses of these terms and conditions.

Participants in the Promotion expressly and unreservedly accept these terms and conditions for participation. Any breach of same shall result in their non-admittance or cancellation as a participant in the Promotion.

Objective of the Promotion

The objective of the Promotion is to boost the sales of the real estate properties of LIFESTYLE HOMES in Spain.

Free nature of the Promotion

This Promotion is free of charge and participation in same entails no payment of any supplement or disbursement of any sum to participate other than the value of the purchase.

Territorial scope and duration of the Promotion

This Promotion will apply to the acquisition of each of the first 50 real estate properties of LIFESTYLE HOMES in Spain during the period extending from 26 March 2018 to 30 June 2018 inclusive.

Requisites and conditions of the Promotion

The requisites for obtaining the prize are:

  1. Being of legal age or, in the case of several purchasers (hereinafter referred to solely in the singular), that every one of same be of legal age.
  2. Meeting the eligibility criteria of LIFESTYLE HOMES for the purchase of the specific property.
  3. Acquiring a real estate property from LIFESTYLE HOMES during the promotional period for a sum in excess of €180,000, at the existing list price at the time of purchase.
  4. Accepting these terms and conditions of participation.

Solely for the purpose of the applicable promotional period, the purchase shall be deemed to have been effected at the time the earnest money contract and the deposit of the guarantee amount is signed, but there shall exist no right to the prize until payment in full and definitive execution of the purchase of the property, which purchase must take place within a maximum of 60 days as from receipt of the deposit. Should this period elapse without the contract being executed, the promotional gift will not be considered awardable.

The value referred to in point “c” is the net value of the property excluding taxes, fees and the completion costs of the purchase, including notarial and registry expenses.

This promotion may not be combined with any other type of promotion or discount of any kind.

The promotion is limited to a maximum of 50 properties and shall apply to the buyers of the first 50 properties of GROUP PLAYA-SOL-SEAVIEWS during the period stated above.

Should the number of purchases fall below 50 upon finalisation of the promotional period, the promotion shall be automatically adjusted to the number of transactions effectively carried out, without any obligation for LIFESTYLE HOMES to extend the promotion.

LIFESTYLE HOMES reserves the unilateral right to not open the Promotion to those buyers who, in its opinion, do not conform to these terms and conditions.


The prize consists of a manual drive Renault Twizy Life 80 with doors and battery ownership, without extra equipment, and an electric bike B’Twin valued both at a total sum of €15,010.

The prize includes the electric car and the transport expenses to the dealership for delivery and the equivalent value of the electric bike (valued at €999.99) in the form of a Gift Card from the retailer chain Decathlon.

The delivery period of the electric car will be that offered by the dealership for delivering this type of vehicle, for which LIFESTYLE HOMES shall not be held liable. The vehicle shall be ordered from the dealership by LIFESTYLE HOMES only at such time as purchase transaction has been executed in a deed of sale.

The party receiving the prize shall bear any expenses arising from the costs of the compulsory insurance, road tax and agency fees. LIFESTYLE HOMES shall not be liable for any of the aforementioned items or any other in respect of the above, especially tariffs, fees, formalisation, etc. nor any liability or obligation other than delivery of the Vehicle.

The delivery period of the Gift Card from Decathlon for the equivalent value of the electric bike will be that offered by the retailer for this type of orders, and the order will be placed by Lifesyle Homes only at such time as purchase transaction has been executed in a deed of sale.

LIFESTYLE HOMES reserves the right to modify the above prize, provided such substitution is of a value and similar characteristics to those provided in these terms and conditions.

Means of communication of the Promotion

The public means of communication of this Promotion shall be the webpage of LIFESTYLE HOMES and any specific campaigns that LIFESTYLE HOMES may promote via any media or medium, both traditional and digital.

Acceptance of the prize

Acceptance of the prize must take place at the time the underlying purchase of the real estate property is executed.

The prize is personal and non-transferable and shall be delivered solely to the person appearing as owner of the property acquired.

The recipient of the prize may decide to exchange it for the cash value stated in these terms and conditions. An exchange for its cash value will no longer be possible when LIFESTYLE HOMES has ordered the car from the dealership. This discount will be specified in the deposit or earnest money document, expressly mentioning the change of gift for same.

In the event the prize is not accepted, LIFESTYLE HOMES must be notified in writing.


Tax consequences of the prize

The prize shall be subject to tax withholding (Personal Income Tax Law, art. 101.7 and the Personal Income Tax Regulations, arts. 75.2 c and 75.3 f), for which reason the relevant company appearing in the heading shall deposit the sum with the Tax Authorities on account of Personal Income Tax on the winner’s behalf.

The sum to be deposited shall be 19% of the market value of the prize plus 20%, which totals €3,422.

The receiver of the prize only is under the obligation to pay the Personal Income Tax on said prize and must therefore include the its value (€15,010) in the tax base of their Personal Income Tax return plus the deposit on account (€3,422).

In the event that the prize is exchanged for its cash value (equivalent to €15,010), the tax withholding of 19% will be applied directly on the value of the prize. In this case the net amount will be delivered once deducted the 19% withholding that will be deposited with the Tax Authorities on account of Personal Income Tax on the winner’s behalf.

The company owning the property will issue the necessary certification indicating these items.

Should the purchasers of the property be more than one, the withholding and certification shall be distributed equally among all of them.

Image rights of the winner.

The person(s) receiving the prize freely assign to LIFESTYLE HOMES the use of their image and/or voice (both as stills and in the form of audio and/or an audiovisual recording), which it may reproduce, distribute, transform or publicly disseminate and use, disclose their names and surnames in their capacity as the prize winners, in any advertising and/or promotional activity related hereto in any medium. Said activities shall not entitle them to receive any remuneration, consideration or economic benefit whatsoever save for the delivery of the prize in accordance with these terms and conditions. This assignment has no limit as to time or territory.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are governed by Spanish law, and all the parties, expressly waiving any other forum to which they may have recourse, expressly submit any dispute or lawsuit with regard to same to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts of Valencia.

In the event of any discrepancy between any information published by LIFESTYLE HOMES in any medium and these terms and conditions, the stipulations hereof shall prevail.

Legitimacy of the terms and conditions of the Promotion

These Terms and Conditions are authenticated, entered into record and deposited with the Notary of the Association of Notaries of Valencia, Javier Máximo Juárez. Furthermore, the full text of same is available on the website, and in the Electronic Notarial Archive of Competition Rules [Archivo Electrónico Notarial de Bases de Concursos (ABACO)], available on the website



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